Learn about the advantages of oncolytic virus therapy – The most effective melanoma treatment, which is giving excellent results

Undoubtedly, cancer is a disease that we all fear. For several decades it has claimed the lives of many people, its treatments, and procedures to try to cure it have been invasive and have brought painful consequences for those who suffer it.

Nowadays, a treatment has been discovered that is giving very satisfactory results in patients with cancerous tumors. This is oncolytic virus therapy , through which Riga virus is injected intramuscularly (shoulder or buttock) or at the periphery of the tumor. The virus basically eliminates cancer cells and does not attack healthy cells, since it has an antitumor effect, due to its oncolytic characteristics and oncotropism.
Among the main advantages of virotherapy for the treatment of melanoma, is the fact that it attacks and eliminates only the cancer cells, leaving the other tissues completely healthy. This avoids the risk of producing other more serious or different conditions since they are not pathogenic in humans and guarantees that the patient will completely eradicate cancer.
There is no danger that the virus will transform and undergo genomic integration, which may affect other cells because it does not bind to DNA, only acts in the cytoplasm.
Another important advantage is that it provides vitality to the immune system and strengthens it, which makes it unique since the other treatments against tumors tend to weaken it. Diseases begin to appear and the patient is very vulnerable.
In the Virotherapy Clinic Stage 1 can be applied, before surgery, or in Stage 2, after the operation and does not interfere with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
It is very significant for people who suffer from this type of pathology, are the secondary reactions. Melanoma treatment does not produce severe or permanent symptoms. After applying the treatment, drowsiness, mild gastrointestinal disorders, subfebrility that lasts 2 days and, in a few cases, the patient manifests pain in the area where the injection was applied.