Best hyperbaric chamber at Tenka

Hyperbaric medicine is a treatment that is performed at a pressure higher than the sea level atmospheric pressure. The treatment includes hyperbaric oxygen therapy in which the medical use of oxygen is taken at a higher atmospheric pressure in hyperbaric chamber. The equipment that is required in the hyperbaric treatment comprises of a pressure chamber that can be flexible or rigid. This hyperbaric oxygen chamber is mean of delivering 100% oxygen to the patients pulmonary system.

The patients breathe oxygen at a higher level than the 21% that is found in our normal sea level atmosphere. This increases the level of oxygen in cells, thus accelerating the healing process and helps in the recovery. The operation is performed by the trained personnel who analyze and adjust the schedule as required. HBOT is used for many years in the decompression sickness treatment and this oxygen therapy has also shown a great effect on the conditions likes gas gangrene and carbon monoxide poisoning. Moreover, recent studies have shown that it may have value for other conditions like multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy.
However, there are minimal side effects of using HBOT and rarely exist for the longer time. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not a cure for most indications, but it has shown the result of the improved immune system and helping the patients ranging from the problem of chronic wounds to complex disabilities. Tenka is one of those platforms that provide a variety of oxygen therapy chambers for sale. It has over 100 years of experience in hyperbaric medicine research of successful hyperbaric clinic operations. They can design the best oxygen therapy equipment as per your need whether it is a clinic or large hospital. Moreover, it offers hyperbaric clinic layouts, Building Code Reviews, Point of Connection Drawings, and Chamber Site Suitability Review.