Why Vape Ecigs?

electronic cigarettes provide 4 primary advantages over conventional cigarettes:

1. More affordable
The same to about 40 cigarettes (1 Ecig cartridge) charges only 1.50 with MagicMist. Compared to 2 packages of 20 cigarettes charging GBP18, MagicMist Ecigs provide a 92% less.

Our Egotism, Evod and iTaste vapourizers are also more affordable – a box of fluid may last 2-3 months and prices only GBP3 – picture vaping for only GBP1/week!

2. No burning, smoke, tar or ashes
Conventional cigarettes include more than 4 4,000 compounds and poisons including cyanide. For each 10-packs of 20 cigarettes combusted, 2g – around a tsp – of pitch (related to highway pitch) stays in your lungs. The damaging effects of smoking do not come from the cigarette or nicotine it self, but in the smoke produced by burning the cigarette.

In contrast our E Liquid and capsules feature 5 primary components, which are authorized for individual consumption – nicorette, water, plant glycerin (used in foods as well as a product of avocado, soya or palm-oil), propylene glycerin (which can also be accustomed to cleanse air) and flavor. Above all, since you are not burning cigarettes there’s no dangerous smoke with no pitch.

3. Vape virtually everywhere
Those days are gone of smoking in cafes, taverns, casinos, community transportation, sports sites, songs stadiums and lots of buddy homes and resort rooms. But Electronic Cigarettes never have been made illegal to utilize everywhere! Take pleasure in the liberty to vape virtually everywhere.

4. No horrible odor – and meals may taste better
E cigarette is a perfect solution so that when you vapes all of your perceptions appreciate an authentic, realistic smoking encounter. However, the scent promptly evaporates, leaving no awful burning smell for you or your clothing.
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