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This breed has some problems with shyness as well, but not to the extent of the GSD. Health problems: common: coronoid process fragmented FCP, osteochondritis dissecans, ectopic ureter esp. females; not uncommon: achalasia of esophagus, cruciate ligament rupture; uncommon: retinal dysplasia; rare: hypomyelinogenesis. VII. Longer Haired Alternatives: Akitas, Belgians, Bouviers and GSDs If you don't mind the copious shedding and grooming requirements of a longer haired dog, then a Belgian might be a good choice. The Sheepdogs are black; the Tervuren can have a mixture of dark and light rich fawn to russet mahogany with black overlay; the Malinois resemble German Shepherd Dogs in their overall coloring fawn to mahogany and coat length.

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However, by investing more up front, one can save a great deal in the long run thousands on vet bills; or, if you don't have thousands to spare, the agony of having a cherished pet put to death. Some breeders will provide written guarantees; one proud, happy owner writes:Now I have a Doberman Pinscher. I bought him from a breeder as a pet and he has grown into a beautiful show dog. With him came the following: 1 Guarantee that he would be free from genetic disorders or I would be given a new puppy; or if I chose to keep him, I would be given back the money I paid for him and extra money to help with vet bills. 2 His pedigree, and any information on his parents that I wanted. 3 His AKC papers.


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She also kept records, answered mail, and represented her husband at social functions. Her duties were so varied and public that many suspected she was actually the Chief Engineer of the bridge, and she was a daily presence at the construction site for fourteen years. Her efforts ensured that the Roebling family led the Brooklyn Bridge project from start to finish. After completing the bridge, Emily would go on to complete many engineering projects. She moved to Trenton, New Jersey, with her family, where she designed and built their new mansion. She traveled extensively, attending the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and was presented to Queen Victoria in London in 1896.